Acceptable Use Policy

This policy is designed to outline common breaches of Net Etiquette (Acceptable Use), and the actions we will take in cases where the Acceptable Use Policy is breached. This document pertains to breaches of Acceptable Use that are also known as Net Abuse or "spamming."

Net Abuse can be defined as (but is not limited to)...

  • Sending any kind of unsolicited or unwelcome email to a substantial number of network users, anywhere on the Internet.
  • Posting a single article or substantially similar articles to an excessive number of newsgroups or mailing lists (i.e., 20 or more)
  • Repeated or deliberate posting of articles that are off-topic according to the charter of that newsgroup or mail list
  • Posting commercial advertising in almost any conference or newsgroup, unless it is specifically permitted within that group.
Net Abuse is undesirable because...
  • Some Internet Service Providers will block all access to the shopping cart system, web site, and email support department. This affects not only the offending customer, but all of our customers.
  • Recipients of abuse messages occasionally get quite angry and will retaliate with Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, affecting all customers.
What happens if your account is associated with Net Abuse?

We investigate all reported occurrences of net abuse, and we will take action according to the circumstances and severity of the abuse. For first offenders, we will normally issue a warning, and take necessary action to minimize any damage. If it is not your first offense or it is clear you intended to breach the Acceptable Use Policy, we may immediately take any of the following actions:

  • Immediate suspension of your account, halting all order processing.
  • Possible termination of account.
Reports and Questions about Net Abuse

Please send all questions about Net Abuse and reports of Net Abuse to abuse@.

While it is not our role to police the Internet, we are committed to maintaining Internet etiquette. Remember: Net Abuse is contrary to our conditions of use, and can seriously threaten the operation of our network services for all customers. We will not tolerate Net Abuse of any kind.

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